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Interior Design

Interior Design

To make the newly acquired and refurbished property your very personal home, the decor and décor are tailored to your taste. It gives your new domicile the personal touch and makes it very special and unmistakable.

We develop for you, according to your wishes, your very own interior design concept in which style and colors are trend-setting.

The interior design concept includes the planning of the furniture as well as the complete handling until each piece is in the right place.

Likewise it covers the complete decoration ... be it pictures on the walls, tastefully selected decoration articles, the right pillows in the right place, the suitable towels in the bath, the cleverly selected design of the beds or simply the plant, which round off a decoration ,

As a designer with over 25 years of experience, it is a must and pleasure to put the best ideas for designing your home into action.

Your home will be so different from all the fast American-style holiday homes you may have seen in Florida over time.